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Education and Awareness

Education and Awareness


    We believe that education and awareness raising has a vital role to play in raising public awareness of the reality of violence against women. We organise specific events as a means of raising awareness about the prevalence of violence against women, to challenge the myths and stereotypes about violence against women, and to keep the issue on the political, social and cultural agenda, with the ultimate aim of bringing about change.

    We work to raise awareness of the complexity and devastating consequences of domestic violence through a variety of means from media activity, provision of information, and taking part in the 16 days of action against Violence Against Women.

    Training on domestic Violence

    We provide training and ‘conversation’ workshops on:

    • Responding to Women & Children experiencing Domestic Violence in your Community
    • Bespoke training to suit your organisation's needs.
    • Training on supporting women experiencing abuse

    Some of the services and organisations we work with include:

    • Organisations in the Community and Voluntary including
    • Migrant groups, Traveller groups,
    • Women’s groups,
    • Parent and Family organisations,
    • Family Resource Centres

    We are able to provide bespoke training designed to your individual needs.  For more information on this contact us here


    CPD Training for Counsellors

    Introduction to Domestic Violence and Abuse (DVA) and Coercive Control –

    If you are a counsellor and interested in learning more about domestic violence and abuse. Please see Introduction to Domestic Violence and Abuse (DVA) and Coercive Control for counsellors. This two-day  is IACP accredited and participants will receive 12 CPD points. For more information, download our brochure here.

    Educational and Awareness work

    Secondary school and third level college workshops

    We have provided workshops, which focus on healthy relationships to secondary schools in Galway city and county; including St. Enda’s, St. Mary’s Galway, Galway Community College, and St. Paul’s.

    We provide regular workshops to students from GMIT and NUIG.

    We provide workshops to students from NUI Maynooth Bachelor of Arts in Community and Youth Work.

    We have provided bespoke specific awareness events such a Saint Rita’s Day Gathering, Home Truths, under Galway 2020 City of Culture and International Women’s Day events annually.

    But mainly he would use the system, endless reporting me to the garda, social services, Tulsa, you name it. Each time we were obligated to go through the processes including the children having to see psychologists. It was tiring, consuming and stressful for all of us. This was his satisfaction. My perpetrator continued to use the system to feed his appetite. And though it always turned out ok and I was vindicated in the end, it was generally a long harrowing, arduous journey to get there.

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    Our Publications

     'I Know a Woman' by April O'Connor is a collection of poems and sketches which, in its entirety, traces one Irish woman's journey from victim to survivor of domestic violence. It is an astonishingly brave collection, and one that challenges the reader to engage on an emotional level, not only with the woman behind the words on the page, but with the concept of domestic violence as it is (mis)understood in our society. It is an important collection that will touch everyone who reads it.


    'Living to Tell the Tale' told by survivors of domestic violence. Women united for an end to violence - 2004.

    This manual illustrates the everyday reality of so many people who live with and survive domestic violence. The personal stories articulate the raw fear, the searing pain, the confusion, the poverty and the isolation of those living with and surviving domestic violence. It covers topics such as perpetrators, the impact of domestic violence on women and children, the difficulties of leaving and it gives insights into healing and moving on.


    Life's Real Fairytale is a booklet produced by Domestic Violence Response in conjunction with St. Paul's Secondary School. It is a manual of information, support and advice for those living with domestic violence, with recommendations for service providers.

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