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The mission of DVR is to identify and respond to the needs of women and children in County Galway who are subjected to violence and abuse in the home and to develop long-term responses that work towards the elimination of domestic violence. The vision of DVR is a society that understands and deals effectively with domestic abuse.

The principles that inform the work of DVR include:

  • Holistic;
  • Confidential;
  • Provision of services as a right and in a spirit of solidarity rather than a charitable approach;
  • Client-led and client-centred;
  • Consistent;
  • Professional;
  • Willing to learn;
  • Fair employers, supportive of staff;

Our work is prioritised under the following headings:

  1. To support women and children who are subjected to violence in the home
  2. To provide education, training and awareness work
  3. To contribute to national policy on domestic abuse

The services helped because in a meeting with one of DVR women she heard me and somehow gave me a sense of witness. I felt a sense of being heard for the first time but also an educated and empowering exchange went on. I could finally see what I had been in and more than anything else I felt respected and believed. I also got incredible support during my legal case - which felt like I had a midwife with me as I moved into a new part of my life.

DVR Client testimony

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